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Reaching Development Milestones

Legacy Group Development was founded in 2014 by a team of professionals and entrepreneurs from various fields including building and infrastructure construction, accounting, banking and sales and marketing. Our market positioning is to build homes and commercial properties that is affordable to local home seekers and business operators. We keep a constant focus on the prevailing income level of the general population to ensure our properties are reasonably priced and create value for our customers. Notwithstanding our attractive product pricing, we are steadfast in our quest for optimum quality control in every property that we deliver to our customers. Our Mission Statement henceforth endeavors a twin objective: We strive to deliver value to our customer through excellence in "QUALITY" and dedication to "AFFORDABILITY"

Legacy Group started with our flagship subsidiary, Tropicana Legacy Sdn. Bhd. with the development of 136 double-storey terrace houses named Taman Limbai Ria. Within a short span of a few years, we have firmly established ourselves as the leading developer in the district of Tuaran, Sabah with numerous housing and commercial developments completed and in the pipeline. We have established various subsidiaries under our Group including Tropicana Legacy Sdn. Bhd., Alphine Boulevard Sdn. Bhd., Eden Legacy Sdn. Bhd., Doyen Legacy Sdn. Bhd., Summit Legacy Sdn. Bhd., Pinnacle Legacy Sdn. Bhd., Magna Legacy Sdn. Bhd. and Apex Legacy Sdn. Bhd.; each being the developer company for one of our projects. We have also identified Penampang, Sabah as our target market for development with the launching of our maiden high-rise development project, Eco Peak Residences condominium. 

Legacy Group has also started to embark on vertical integration of our business with the formation of our building materials trading subsidiary, Legacy Building Materials Sdn. Bhd. (LBM) in year 2020. LBM is responsible for the sourcing of quality materials for all of the Group’s development projects, enhancing our quality control objective. LBM also fully owns our first concrete batching plant in Tuaran. Moving forward, Legacy Group intends to continuously integrate vertically our related businesses in order to achieve optimum quality control and greater efficiency and economies of scale in the delivery of our work.

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